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Engineered Wood

Many would agree that wood floors are the most timeless flooring alternative on the market. Our expert staff at Maximo Flooring, Cape Coral would have to agree. One way to get the stunning look of hardwood floors is to have engineered wood installed throughout your home. Engineered wood floors not only enhance a modern aesthetic, but also when restoring an older home add that sense of antiquity that you want to express. That timelessness also applies to longevity. Engineered wood floors can last between 20-30 years when properly maintained. If they have a thick wear layer, they can even be resurfaced much like solid hardwood floors. Along with longevity comes durability. Since wood is such a strong substance, it makes engineered wood floors inherently durable which in and of itself lends to their long life.

Another perk of engineered wood flooring is that it is beautiful and will enhance any style home and décor. There are hundreds of choices of color and texture and we at Maximo Flooring are confident that you will find one that suits your personal style. Engineered wood floors are eco friendly as well. Since engineered wood floors are made of a thin layer of natural wood and the other layer is made of a plywood you get the sturdy functionality of hardwood flooring, while using much less of that beautiful natural wood thus preserving it and making it a more environmentally sound option for your home. In addition, engineered wood holds up to moisture much better than conventional hardwood floors, its unique construction makes it more stable and less prone to warping and buckling when it meets water and moisture.

Engineered wood floors are a breeze to maintain. The day-to-day maintenance is as simple as wiping up spills as needed. We recommend that you take time regularly to sweep and mop your floors removing dust particles, this will keep the air in your home nice and clean and will also keep your home looking beautiful. We suggest when mopping engineered wood floors that you use a damp mop or cloth that has had the water wrung out very well. This will ensure that excess water is not left on the floors after cleaning. Other than that, the upkeep of engineered wood floors is a breeze.

Maximo Flooring Cape Coral, FL always has your budget at the forefront of our minds. Engineered wood floors are a more cost-effective flooring choice than hardwood floors tend to be. However, as we’ve already discussed the overall longevity of engineered wood floors makes the investment one of absolute value. Engineered wood floors can last for decades when taken care of and the stunning look paired with that durability and longevity add incredible value to your home, which is what any homeowner wants more than anything in the end. Our experienced flooring specialists would love to share our knowledge of flooring and especially engineered wood with you, so that you can feel empowered to make the right decision for your home and family.


Strong & Eco-Friendly

Engineered wood floors are strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

Made From Real Wood

Contrary to what some would believe, engineered wood is constructed of two types of natural wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engineered wood floors are wood floors constructed of two parts. The bottom layer is made of a sturdy plywood. The top layer is a beautiful wood veneer layer. 

Wood floors in general are not waterproof. Mopping up spills and eliminating water from floors as quickly as possible is the best way to keep your floors in good condition. 

Since engineered wood floors are made of two layers of wood, they are highly durable. Knowing the exact durability will depend on the type of wood that the top veneer layer is made of. Harder woods will be more durable than softer woods are. 

Due to the complexities of installing any type of wood flooring, we highly suggest having your hardwood or engineered wood floors installed by professional installers. This will help you achieve the most beautiful look in your home. 

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