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Carpet is a standby when it comes to flooring and for good reason. There are numerous benefits to having a carpeted home. From safety to comfort and everything in between. When you choose to install carpet throughout your home there are a laundry list of benefits, Maximo Flooring in Cape Coral, FL are your flooring experts and can help you understand the incredible benefits of having carpet throughout your home. Carpet adds an element of luxury to a room when it is outfitted with a plush variety, such a wool carpet. The softness and warmth that comes from carpeting is unlike any other flooring solution on the market today. Along with the warmth you feel underfoot with carpet, it also adds insulation within your home making the home more temperate than it might be with another type of floor. Safety is another feature that is universal when it comes to carpet, since you are less likely to slip and fall when you walk upon carpet. That alone makes carpet a safer flooring choice, but also if you do happen to take a tumble on a carpeted surface it will be a much softer landing! Many homeowners enjoy having carpeting throughout the bedrooms of the home, this is because carpet softens a room and feels wonderful which is just the type of feeling when you’re relaxing and getting ready for bed.

Today it is very easy to maintain carpeting within the home. Many carpeting choices come with a stain resistant feature that allows for ease of cleanup should there be a spill. A damp cloth and a little light scrubbing will get any spills and stains out in most cases. At Maximo Flooring in Cape Coral, FL we recommend regularly vacuuming the carpet throughout your home will keep it looking fabulous getting rid of any dust, pet hair or other debris that may have collected. Weekly allows for the allergens that are trapped within the carpet to be collected and removed providing clean air for your family to enjoy.

Carpet comes in an enormous variety of colors, textures, patterns, and styles. There is sure to be a carpet that will accentuate the style of your home. Carpet is versatile and there are many more options to choose from in this type of flooring than in any other flooring solution on the market. Design style plays an important role when selecting new floors for your home, and with carpet you will be able to accent any interior design aesthetic. Cost is another factor high on the priority list for every homeowner. Maximo Flooring in Cape Coral knows that budget is important to you, and we want you to know that it is also important to us. Carpet is one of the most cost-effective floors you can find. Carpet is considerably less expensive than other floors that are on the market, so there is sure to be one that can fit your budget. If you’re looking for safety, comfort, budget, and style carpet should be the right floor for you. Our experts at Maximo Flooring would love to talk to you about how we can outfit your home with new floors at an exceptional price.


Comfortable & Soft

Carpet is soft and comfortable, and provides sound reduction throughout the home.

Make A Statement

Easily add a touch of WOW with different carpeting choices throughout your home. .

Frequently Asked Questions

Bedrooms, living rooms and hallways are all great places to have carpet in a home. When you think about carpet you think about that lush soft feel underfoot. We think having that plush comfort in the bedroom, hallway and living room can bring a warm and inviting feel to your home. 

The answer here is a resounding YES! Now, this may surprise you but having carpet in the home actually reduces allergens and particles in the air. This is because carpet traps those particles in its fibers and they stay put until you vacuum them out with a Hepa filter. 

We personally feel that carpet can be a lovely addition to any home style and décor. There are so many styles, textures and patterns you are sure to find one that fits perfectly in your home and compliments your aesthetic. 

You can find beautiful carpet for your home at many different price points. This makes carpet a popular choice among homeowners, because you can find many styles and colors that will fit nicely in your home and budgetary needs. 


Laminate flooring is becoming one of the most popular flooring options on the market today. This is because you can get the stunning look of more expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost. At Maximo Flooring in Cape Coral, FL we see a lot of clients who love the look of expensive hardwood flooring but don’t have the budget for it. Laminate floors offer that same beautiful look, but at a much lower price point making it feasible for any budget to have stunning new floors throughout their home. Because of the way laminate floors are constructed they are highly durable, and this is another reason why laminate is good for your budget. The durability of laminate holds up to heavy foot traffic, pets as well as the wear and tear that is often caused by busy kids.

Another feature of laminate that allows it to stand out from the crowd is that it has a relatively simple installation process. Maximo Flooring, Cape Coral has an incredible team of installers that will take care of putting the floors into place in a timely fashion. We take the stress out of your flooring installation and provide you with excellent care and service.

Maintaining your laminate floors is a breeze. This hard surfaced floor is resistant to stains, and you can easily wipe any spills with a damp cloth. Regularly running a dust mop over your floors will keep them dust free which is great for the air quality in your home. Aside from that sweeping and mopping periodically will keep your laminate floors looking as good as new.

Maximo Flooring, Cape Coral knows that versatility of style is another important factor when you are deciding on flooring. Since floors are a rather large investment and our design styles can change from time to time its rather important to select a floor that is timeless and versatile. Laminate is extremely flexible in this way. You can get styles of laminate floor that are bold and eccentric, but you can also find styles that are classic and look like stunning hardwood floors. There are also many colors and textures available, you can almost say the possibilities are endless, but you are sure to find a style that will highlight the overall aesthetic and design appeal of your home.

At Maximo Flooring in Cape Coral, FL we feel that laminate floors should definitely be on your list of flooring choices. The overall value is not to be treated lightly since they will add incredible value, style, and durability within your home. You can have it all with laminate floors and we encourage you to speak to our flooring specialists to find the right flooring fit for you. We have something that will meet your needs and our experts can show you a wonderful selection to choose from. Let us help you narrow down your choices and get you one step closer to the stunning new look you and your home have been waiting for.


Affordable & Convenient

Laminate floors are a very affordable hard surface flooring solution.

Beautiful & Fashionable

With so many different choices to choose from, you can't go wrong with laminate for any interior style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laminate floors are very durable and scratch resistant. This is because they are protected with a tough coat, which is a resin layer, that keeps your floors safe from scratches and dents. Laminate is a great choice for homes with pets and kids. 

New technology makes it so that laminate floors look just like the real thing. In the past laminate floors didn’t quite get the job done when it comes to the look they were trying to accomplish. But advances in technology have made it so that laminate floors today are stunning and stylish! 

Having laminate floors professionally installed is quick and painless. You can have an entire room installed with laminate floors in about a day. Making it nice and convenient. Since you don’t have to mix grout or mortar, there’s not a big messy cleanup either with laminate floors. 

With laminate floors you can have the look of many different types of wood. Oak, birch, maple and cherry are popular wood grain styles of laminate flooring. 

Luxury Vinyl

Maximo Flooring in Cape Coral knows that luxury vinyl floors are one of the most superior floors on the market. With the flexibility of being able to choose from luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tiles, as well as the immense variety of styles and colors the aesthetic alone should allow for luxury vinyl to be on the top of your list. The aesthetic of luxury vinyl is truly unbeatable, and the fact that you can get these vibrant floors that will look just like hardwood, stone or tile is an added benefit. Many of the luxury vinyl choices you have to select from will look exactly like the material it is replicating. Luxury vinyl is especially adept at that and is well worth it to have the stunning look you are trying to achieve.

As always Maximo Flooring knows that budget is highly important to all of our clients in Cape Coral and surrounding areas. We want you to know that budget is at the top of our minds as well when we are walking you through the process of flooring selection. Luxury vinyl is an incredible budget friendly solution to flooring that is not only cost effective but will still add immense value to your home making it a win-win for each of our customers. Prices vary among several factors such as thickness, brand and even pattern, but there is sure to be a luxury vinyl style that will meet your budgetary and style needs.

Luxury vinyl is not only durable, but it is also easy to maintain. When treated properly and taken care of luxury vinyl will last for years to come. Luxury vinyl can be prone to scratching in some situations, so it is good to tread lightly when you have luxury vinyl floors. Maximo Flooring Cape Coral, FL suggests that clearing dust and debris from your luxury vinyl floors on a weekly basis as well as light mopping them will go a long way towards keeping their original luster. Spills clean up effortlessly and luxury vinyl is also resistant to stain, making it stand out in the crowd. When treated with care luxury vinyl will last for years to come.

A feature of luxury vinyl flooring that we at Maximo Flooring feel make it catch our eye is that not only is the installation process quick and easy for professional installers, but also if there does happen to be a plank or tile that is damaged, you can easily remove the affected section and replace it with a new one. There is no need to uproot your entire floor and replace it with or have an unsightly patch job. This unique feature adds so much value since you won’t need to replace your entire home or rooms flooring in the event of damage to one singular area.

Overall, the value of luxury vinyl speaks for itself. You can equip your home with show stopping floors at incredible prices. Our design specialists at Maximo Flooring are available to assist our community in Cape Coral and surrounding areas with our education and know-how and want to help you make the best choices in flooring throughout your home as possible. It is our mission to help you get you want and need at incredible prices.


Mimics Natural Wood

Luxury vinyl planks beautifully mimic the look of natural hardwood.

Sturdy Construction

Luxury vinyl planks are made to last. Highly durable,, scratch and water resistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Luxury vinyl floors are very easy to have professionally installed. They are also easy to clean and maintain. And we can’t forget to mention that they are stain and scratch resistant. 

With the durable nature of luxury vinyl floors they are a great option for homes with both children and pets. Since they are scratch and stain resistant you can rest assured that your floors will hold up to your kids and pets with ease. 

With proper care and maintenance vinyl floors can last for up to 20 years in some homes. Keeping your floors well maintained will help to lengthen the life of any flooring option you choose. 

Vinyl plank floors are a great choice in bathrooms because they are resistant to water and mildew. 

Engineered Wood

Many would agree that wood floors are the most timeless flooring alternative on the market. Our expert staff at Maximo Flooring, Cape Coral would have to agree. One way to get the stunning look of hardwood floors is to have engineered wood installed throughout your home. Engineered wood floors not only enhance a modern aesthetic, but also when restoring an older home add that sense of antiquity that you want to express. That timelessness also applies to longevity. Engineered wood floors can last between 20-30 years when properly maintained. If they have a thick wear layer, they can even be resurfaced much like solid hardwood floors. Along with longevity comes durability. Since wood is such a strong substance, it makes engineered wood floors inherently durable which in and of itself lends to their long life.

Another perk of engineered wood flooring is that it is beautiful and will enhance any style home and décor. There are hundreds of choices of color and texture and we at Maximo Flooring are confident that you will find one that suits your personal style. Engineered wood floors are eco friendly as well. Since engineered wood floors are made of a thin layer of natural wood and the other layer is made of a plywood you get the sturdy functionality of hardwood flooring, while using much less of that beautiful natural wood thus preserving it and making it a more environmentally sound option for your home. In addition, engineered wood holds up to moisture much better than conventional hardwood floors, its unique construction makes it more stable and less prone to warping and buckling when it meets water and moisture.

Engineered wood floors are a breeze to maintain. The day-to-day maintenance is as simple as wiping up spills as needed. We recommend that you take time regularly to sweep and mop your floors removing dust particles, this will keep the air in your home nice and clean and will also keep your home looking beautiful. We suggest when mopping engineered wood floors that you use a damp mop or cloth that has had the water wrung out very well. This will ensure that excess water is not left on the floors after cleaning. Other than that, the upkeep of engineered wood floors is a breeze.

Maximo Flooring Cape Coral, FL always has your budget at the forefront of our minds. Engineered wood floors are a more cost-effective flooring choice than hardwood floors tend to be. However, as we’ve already discussed the overall longevity of engineered wood floors makes the investment one of absolute value. Engineered wood floors can last for decades when taken care of and the stunning look paired with that durability and longevity add incredible value to your home, which is what any homeowner wants more than anything in the end. Our experienced flooring specialists would love to share our knowledge of flooring and especially engineered wood with you, so that you can feel empowered to make the right decision for your home and family.


Strong & Eco-Friendly

Engineered wood floors are strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

Made From Real Wood

Contrary to what some would believe, engineered wood is constructed of two types of natural wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Engineered wood floors are wood floors constructed of two parts. The bottom layer is made of a sturdy plywood. The top layer is a beautiful wood veneer layer. 

Wood floors in general are not waterproof. Mopping up spills and eliminating water from floors as quickly as possible is the best way to keep your floors in good condition. 

Since engineered wood floors are made of two layers of wood, they are highly durable. Knowing the exact durability will depend on the type of wood that the top veneer layer is made of. Harder woods will be more durable than softer woods are. 

Due to the complexities of installing any type of wood flooring, we highly suggest having your hardwood or engineered wood floors installed by professional installers. This will help you achieve the most beautiful look in your home.