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Ft. Myers, FL is a bustling city off the southwest coast of Florida. Ft. Myers is on the mainland and includes a grouping of islands just off the coast. Ft. Myers is along the Gulf of Mexico and is a buzzing tourist destination. Ft. Myers is conveniently located and has access to some of the more major cities of Florida such as Miami within a few short hours. This incredible city is beloved by residents and tourists alike and is a perfect retreat for all ages.

The cost of living in Ft. Myers is lower than the national average, which makes it a wonderful location to purchase a retirement or vacation home. Snowbirds love flocking to Ft. Myers to stay warm during the brutal winters of the north. And though Ft. Myers is close to the bigger city of Naples, you can enjoy the pleasantries of southwest Florida at a lower cost by making Ft. Myers your destination of choice. Not only is Ft. Myers an excellent place to invest in real estate, but it also comes with the charms of incredible amenities and phenomenal outdoor activities.

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    One of the main draws to Ft. Myers is the beauty of the outdoors. The obvious attraction are the white sandy beaches and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Ft. Myers has several fishing spots locally and on Sanibel Island that are sure to make any fisherman’s dreams come true and let’s not forget the outstanding shelling for those who love to walk along the beach and see what mother nature has left there. Other outdoor activities you can enjoy including several spectacular state parks that offer bird watching and a place to stretch your legs and enjoy the beauty around you. A favorite attraction is the Manatee Park, where you can see these sweet creatures and learn more about them.

    Tourism is a big attraction in Ft. Myers, but there is also a rich history there dating back to the American Civil War. Another fun fact about Ft. Myers is that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had winter estates here, which is what got the town on the radar and helped it on its way to becoming the incredible community it is today. You can now visit Thomas Edison and Henry Ford’s mansions; they have been turned into museums and give you a peak into Ft. Myers past.

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